Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a kit cost?

The cost of a kit is $25,000.

What are the Dimensions?

The buildings are 192 square feet, 12'x16' inside dimensions.

Do I need a permit?

Please check with your local building department. These buildings are not engineered structures. However, in many areas they can be built without a permit as a storage building.

What is provided in the kit?

The kit includes a base, floor joists, flooring, decking material, wall logs, pre-fabbed trusses, rafters, roofing boards, gable end material, and door and window trim.

What type of lumber is provided?

The lumber is cut from red fir for the base and decking. The walls are white wood, either pine or fir. All of the lumber is rough sawn, and the wall timbers are appropriately notched for stacking.

What else needs to be purchased besides the kit?

In addition to the kit, you will need to purchase joist hangers, subflooring (7 sheets - 3/4" plywood), doors, windows, chinking, and roofing material.  Foundation blocks can be purchased locally through CDA Redi Mix to be delivered at your site.

What styles are available?

The kit comes in two styles: gable entry and eve entry.

Do you provide delivery?

We do not deliver our kits. Kits are available for local [Coeur d'Alene, ID] pickup on weekday. We will help you load your trailer.

Do you provide assembly?

We do not assemble kits, but we do have recommended contractors if you do not want to assemble the kit yourself. We also have experience setting up the cabins and can answer any questions and make suggestions for any problems that you run into along the way.

What is the lead time on a kit?

Occasionally, your kit may be in stock, but a kit can take up to a month to finish if there are none in stock.